Good Housekeeping gathered Modern Urban Moms at the first-ever MUMS of Manila

Good Housekeeping Philippines, the leading family and home magazine in the country, in partnership
with and Yummy magazine, recently held the newest gathering of Modern
Urban Moms (MUMS) on May 28, Saturday, from 1:00 to 6:00 PM, at the SM Mall of Asia Main Mall,Atrium.

“May is a special month for Good Housekeeping, not only because Mother’s Day falls on this month, but also because it’s the magazine’s anniverary. This year, we turned 18!” said Tisha Alvarez, Editor-in-Chief of Good Housekeeping. “We would like to thank all our loyal readers for being with us all this time and for making Good Housekeeping stronger every year. Holding events like MUMS of Manila is our way of reaching out to our readers and giving back to them for their support.”

MUMS of Manila was a whole-day event where moms could SHOP, LEARN and ENJOY. Moms who
attended were able to SHOP from 30 concessionaires offering the latest products covering beauty and
wellness, food, kids, and home, among others; LEARN from a series of talks from Good Housekeeping editors and experts; and ENJOY games, raffles, prizes, entertainment, and booth activites.

For hardworking moms who don’t want to compromise style and beauty, Elaine Natividad, Beauty and
Features Editor of Good Housekeeping, shared “10 Ways to Style Your Scarf,” while Ara Fernando,
Lancome PH Ambassador for Make-up, conducted a “Basic Brow Masterclass.” For moms who face the perpetual problem of clutter, Editor-in-Chief Tisha talked about organizing homes with “Say Goodbye to Kalat.” Simple physical exercises at home were presented by Managing Editor Angela Constantino Aquino in “Health Hacks,” while Anika Ventura, professional travel and lifestyle writer and editor, talked about “Everyday Fitness.” Roselle Miranda, Good Housekeeping’s Food Editor, demonstrated some no-cook dishes for moms pressed for time. And lastly, a calligraphy class was conducted by Staff Writer0

Nicole Sindiong, together with professional teacher and calligraphy artist Paola Esteron. Good Housekeeping MUMS of Manila was presented by: SM Supermalls and Scotch Brite, with Major Sponsors: Pioneer Epoxyclay and Baby Company; and Minor Sponsors: Downy Baby Gentle and

For more details, follow Good Housekeeping on Facebook:, and
on Twitter and Instagram: @goodhousekeepingph. Good Housekeeping is available on newsstands, and in bookstores, convenience stores, and supermarkets nationwide. A digital edition of Good Housekeeping is also available for download through Apple Newsstand, Buqo, and Zinio.


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5 Ways that Make my Mommy Life Easier

I got questions for ya'll mudras.

  • Have you ever thought of family routines but ending up frustrated?
  • Have you ever felt that all your efforts doesn't seem to work?
  • And at the end of the day, you just feel too exhausted like the universe sucked the whole energy out of you?
You're not alone. I used to be the same. I've been trying to hard to put everything in order as soon as I wake up. But nothing seems to work. It was always a disaster once the kids wake up, not to mention 2 big dogs, and my husband whom I always consider as my "eldest". 

So this vacation, I tried a different approach on how I should take in charge of this house. Fortunately, things worked out the way I wanted it and hopefully I can maintain it this coming school year.

Cleaning at Night 

I can still vividly hear my mother's voice shouting "P.I. kayo! Aga aga ang kalat na naman ng bahay! And while she's ranting about our clutter, me and my brother would shout back, laughing "eh sino ba nanay namin? Mommy naman minumura mo na naman sarili mo eh!"

Only now, that I'm a mother myself, that I realized how much of a big deal it was for her to see the house all messed up early morning. So what I do now is to clean the house AT NIGHT. I found it more effective and fulfilling that I go to sleep knowing that the house will be all tidied up when I wake up. I make sure that no dishes are pilled up, floors are swept and mopped, tables already clean, and more. Of course, I do all these when everyone is already at their bedrooms. Though not yet sleeping, at least I can have the living room and kitchen all for myself, ready for some sweeping.

Schedule your Chores

Cleaning at night doesn't mean that I do the toilet cleaning at the same time. We have for bathrooms at the house and i'll go crazy if I would wash all of it on the same day. Every weekend, I try to schedule 2 toilets in one day. So Saturday and Sunday is when these parts of the house get some loving.

During the same day, I also do the laundry. What I do is to spray or shower the toilet and bathroom with the chemicals needed. While I wait for it to settle, I put the laundry and start the washing machine. It would take a couple of minutes before the water fills it up. By then, I would put the bleach and press the hold button so the clothes will be soaked at the bleach, water and soap for 20 mins. So I go back to the bathroom and start scrubbing the walls and everything else. Once I'm done with the toilet cleaning, it's now the laundry's turn to finish while I put my feet up and wait till it's time for me to hang it.

Plan the meals

With the help of my kids, we plan what we want to eat for the coming weeks before heading to the grocery to shop. Prior to this, I always check the pantry first and the freezer to know what's left of our supplies.

By listing the menu for the following days, we will know what are the ingredients we need to buy and list it down. I put a check beside the ingredients that are already available in our pantry. That way, we won't buy what's no longer necessary.

I also create a list of menu that I can cook. And by that I mean easy recipes and home comfort food that my kids usually requests. Writing it down and pinning at the fridge door allows my kids to choose what do they want to have for this day or the next.

Assign House Tasks to the Kids

Let's face it. Sometimes you would really want somebody to help you out. I'm not a big fan of having a house help since I stay at home most of the time. My work only requires me to face the laptop and write. However, while I'm capable of being a Domesticated Mudra, there are times that I don't feel like washing the dishes or cleaning up their rooms.

Since my daughters are old enough to listen and understand, I assigned them their house chores. This would also teach them about the routines and responsibilities at the same time. My Ate, who's turning 9 soon, already knows how to wash the dishes properly. She even cleans the sink after. My youngest, on the other hand, would only set the table, get the table mats, and push the chairs back after we eat. They would work together, however, when cleaning up the bed as soon as they wake up.

Give Yourself Time to Chill

If you're feeling drained or just too tired to move, then don't. Don't push yourself to do something that you don't want to execute wholeheartedly. Just DON'T (ok I'm being redundant here). Get some coffee, read a book, drink a beer, and eat chips.  Take this as your cheat day or something. The more you are well-rested, the easier it is for you to think what you should do next. The better you "charge" yourself, the more energy and enthusiasm you will give to the house and your family.

These are just some of the simple things that I do daily now that the kids are on vacation. I'm still planning to do the same routine this coming school year so hopefully it can blend well with our schedule. What about you moms? Let me know some tips that I can probably incorporate on my daily mudra life.



5 Ways to Bond With Your Kids Before Summer Ends

Summer is about to close as the month of June drums nearer. We have had our little ones at home for
almost two months, but have we really made most of our time with them? With the many things that
we need to do at home and in the workplace, we often sacrifice time spent with our children. Now is the best opportunity to start creating wonderful memories that they can look back to once the school starts.

Whether you want to make up for the days you were too busy or simply cap off the summer on a good
note, there’s still activities available for you and your kids to enjoy. Break free from the usual trips to the mall and try these five activities instead.

1. Watch a theater show!

In a world of video streaming and smartphones, it is rare to see children not glued to their gadgets. Introduce them to other forms of entertainment like live theater. Just make sure that you choose a show that is child-friendly. Look for youthful and energetic productions that also teach golden values
through the story. A good example of this is PETA’s Mga Kuwento Ni Lola Basyang! The play is like a fairytale book that has come to life as Lola Basyang shares stories of magical spells, kings and their
kingdoms. Without a doubt, you’ll enjoy it too!

2. Join a workshop.

Make your bonding activity an educational one too! There are plenty of workshops available these days but pick ones that you can do together as parent and child. This way, it’s not only you or your kid that gets to enjoy the activity. Rather, you get a chance to do it together. Afterwards, you can laugh at the little errors that you made, share the learning that you earned and even display your output at home!

3. Create and tell your own stories!

How about exploring the art of words with your little one? Filipinos naturally love storytelling. Our rich folklore is a testimony to that. There are also many ways that you can create and tell your own story. This is a chance to let loose and be kid yourself too as you and your child learn how to tell a story in the most animated way possible!

4. Give visual arts a try!

Simple drawing, coloring and crafts-making are always a big hit with children, but you can make the
experience even better by making art together. Producing these little artworks will be a creative
experience for the both of you. Watch your kid’s eyes light up as you take this artsy journey as a pair. It will surely be an experience neither of you will forget.

5. Compose a song together.

Of course, a Pinoy family bonding option that never fails is music. Make your bonding experience
emotionally enriching by asking your child what he wants to sing about, and composing a song together! You don’t even have to be musically inclined to try it out. Bring out your old guitar or even just a pen and some paper. The song may not be perfect but your little one will definitely associate it to the fun you had while writing it.

Fortunately, parents don’t have to look far for activities like these. PETA has organized a weekend of
bonding activities that the whole family can enjoy together! Mommies and daddies can take their kids to the PETA Theater Center to watch a show of Lola Basyang and attend a workshop of their choice. The workshop can be on Storytelling, Puppetry and Visual Arts, and Music and Rhythm.

Cap off summer with a fun and learning experience for both parent and child. Join us at the PETA
Theater Center and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon with your kids. Family passes are available for the Mga Kuwento Ni Lola Basyang play and your workshop of choice. Book your tickets through Ticketworld ( You can also call (725) 6244 local 22-23 or (0916) 4868696 for reservations.

** This post is brought to you by the PETA Theater Center

Nickelodeon Slime Cup Run 2016

Do you want to bond with your kids or pets and be healthy at the same time? Join Nickelodeon's Slime Cup Run 2016 happening at the Mall of Asia on May 29!

Register now at any of these registration venues:

Chris Sports Glorietta/ SM Megamall/ SM North Edsa/ MOA/ SM BF Homes/ Market Market

Choose from any of these event distances:

200m, 1K, 3K

Registration Fees:

200m – Php 350
1K – Php 450
3K – Php 500

For more details, check out the link below:

See you there!

I'm Now a Legit Hostess (at Airbnb That Is)

The past couple of weeks is just too busy, if not stressful, yet fulfilling at the same time. Other than the roles I have to attend as a mother, I was also running errands for my parents who were about to migrate as well. Part of that is managing their unit at Shell Residences. So when they said that it's up to me how to handle the said property, the first thing I thought of is to sign up at Airbnb.

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I am now a legit hostess! I first thought of calling myself as an agent (for my parents) but a friend of mine comically mentioned "O di ayan, hostess ka na!" Knowing that such word in Filipino culture connotes something different, I first had a violent reaction. But I realized, that yes, I am now a hostess - catering to both foreign and local guests who would like to book for a cheap accommodation here in Manila.


What made me say yes to this condo rental racket is its location. Shell Residences is strategically situated at the Mall of Asia complex. From the infamous MOA, you just have to take the footbridge and cross the road to get to the lobby of Shell Residences. If coming from EDSA, you can easily see the huge SHELL signage at the right side, before you reach the huge Mall of Asia globe.

Other than the Mall of Asia and its establishments such as MOA Arena and SMX, this is also near the following places including:
  • Blue Bay Walk Macapagal - where you can find a wide array of food selections and coffee shops. This is a dog-friendly park filled with various activities to do especially from afternoon onwards.
  • Seaside Macapagal - where the freshest and most delectable Filipino seafood cuisines are
  • Solaire and City of Dreams - there are free shuttle buses located at the Mall of Asia to take you to these casinos with numerous indoor attractions as well.

Of course, the selling point of RG Shell Residences (yes, that's what they want to call it) are the amenities that are provided when renting the unit. Let's start with the building first. Just by entering the lobby, you would feel like you're in a hotel. It's very spacious and with comfortable areas where you can wait for your guests or even have a small chitchat there as well.

My favorite part is the pool area. I get to enjoy this as much as my kids do. There are pools where I could just leave them and simply watch over because it's not deep enough for them to drown. Besides, since they frequently swim here, they were able to learn how to dive or stay in water without worrying me so much.


And here it is, the unit itself. Let's take a look at what I'm trying to offer at Airbnb guests and those who wanted to book with me directly (shameless plugging!)

Bedroom Area

Queen Sized Bed

The Kitchenette

Cozy Living Room

Dining Table

Of course, it also comes with toiletries, water heater for your coffee, shower heater, and a mini-bar. I wanted to make it feel like more of a hotel than an apartment. After all, most moms wanted to have that relaxing hotel experience without paying too much, right?

Contact Me!!!!

So if you want to have that staycation with your family or just escape the metro traffic when you want to attend a convention at PICC or SMX, then I, the Domesticated Mudra, would love to be your hostess. Check out my link at Airbnb or you can also check out the Facebook page I made for it. Currently, I set the price at Php2500 a night but of course, the longer you stay, the lower the price!


Mudras! Because I know how it feels that we, the ladies of the house, deserves to have some day offs, I'm lowering the rate for you if you would stay with your kids (max of 2) and 1 companion from May 2 to May 16. As a way of appreciating your hard work as well, I'm going to include a small token for all moms who will check in during the said dates. Mechanics are shown below:

So there you go! If you need to have a place to stay near Mall of Asia, the Domesticated Mudra now has a unit for rent and it's up and running. Contact me anytime through any of the following:

CALL OR SMS: 0919 698 8728
VIBER: 0921 319 9761


Spending Quality Me-Time at the Madonna Rebel Tour in Manila

During the 80's, I think most of the girls around that time wanted to be like the Material Girl. If not, they surely wanted to be so lucky like Kylie. Anyway, I was born in an era when Madonna was at the peak of her controversial career. I can even recall how I acted in front of this huge canon-like camera, imitating Madonna and her antics. So from there, you can imagine how much of a hardcore fan I am up until now.

It was last year when they started showing in Facebook that Madonna is going to have her concert here in Manila. Knowing this, I got so ecstatic since watching her perform live is one of my greatest dreams ever. I used to include that on my bucket list but knowing that it's a far-cry from reality, I just scratched it out instead.

Anyway, going back to the Rebel Tour, I was frustrated last year when I knew about the hefty ticket prices. As much as I wanted to swipe my card and get that 40k-worth of entertainment, I just can't. The general admission was also at a steep price of Php 3000 and that was too much for me that time. I have to set my budget priorities knowing that bills will pile up in time for the school enrollment.

Fast forward to Feb 24, 2016. This was the first day of their tour and my friend had the chance to watch it along with the other VIPs of that seat section. She can't help but rave and I can't help but feel so envious. Come Feb. 25, a member of N@wie (one of the FB groups I joined) posted that she have 3 available tickets for the general admission. She's selling it for the same price along with the card that you have to get from SM ticket counter. Now here's the chance that I can't let go. Probably enticed by my friend's experience, aside from being a huge Madonna fan, I took the liberty of reserving the ticket for me, sans my husband's approval. Good thing he said yes and by 6 PM, I met the ticket owner to get ready for the concert.

That Madonna Vibe

I was just in my plain old jeans, shirt, and sneakers when I felt that I'm freaking out of place! People were wearing net fish stockings, huge earrings, huge hairdo's and so on. It's like going back to the 80's era where people want to be like Madonna. Since I still have a huge amount of time left before the concert starts, I ran to the department store and bought a couple of things to get that Madonna vibe.

Special thanks to the ladies at SM Department store for my muk-ap

Since my face lacks that rebel feeling, I immediately hurried to the makeup section and ask for the salesladies to do a trial makeup on me. At first, they told me to purchase at least P300 worth of their products. But when I told them that I'm going to Madonna's concert, the ladies got so excited for me that they started putting the makeup on even if I haven't purchased anything yet.

After 30 minutes, I'm all ready to rampa and hit the Mall of Asia arean bearing that Madonna-vibe. It was a breeze falling in line, getting snacks, and looking for your seat number once you're inside.
Side kwento: mali ako ng seat na pinuntahan! I only knew about this the concert was about to start. Good thing the two gays who really bought the seats were very patient and pasalamat na din at hindi ako nagtaray. Coz if not, ako pa yung napahiya! lol

Still the QUEEN of Pop!

Walang kupas! Not just because she's my idol but definitely because at her age, she still has it! All of the titas and even titos of Manila started screaming as soon as the main event started. I can barely hear myself. While her first couple of acts were actually quite disturbing for some (including me), the whole concert was amazing in general. With the huge LED displays, bending poles (I wonder how light her dancers are), various effects, and more, the so-called "dead air" was non-existent. She take breaks by sitting and doing her comedic green acts. She can make the crowd scream and sing for her in a hearbeat. I don't know if the likes of Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and others can do just the same. But Madonna is still the goddess of music for me and everyone who were present during her concert.

OA man pakinggan if I tell you this, but I'm not ashamed to share. When she sang Crazy for You I actually cried! Well not to the extent that I have to squeeze out tears from my hanky. Just teary-eyed enough to make my voice shaky. I got goosebumps, I can't help but sing along. I felt like a kid who was overwhelmed by the presence of Barney or Sta. Clause. It was nirvana!

Most of the songs were in a different tune including Music. I was able to have a small talk with the girl (also a loner) beside me before the concert. So when this particular song started to play she said: Ay! Ayan! Mr. DJ na! Knowing that she's talking about Music and medyo naimbey ang lola nyo,  I told her: Teh! Hindi to show ni Sharon Cuneta! Music ang title nyan! Music! 

They closed the event by singing Holiday. This was the part that became controversial since they used the Philippine flag as one of their props. However, if they have seen the concert, they used it as part of a celebration just like how they altered the costumes of other nations to celebrate, well, holidays!

I went home without my voice. And I suffered this extreme paos for about a week. My kids can't understand what I was saying, but heck! It was totally worth it. I suffered from this Madonna hangover for several days, playing the video clips, her latest mashups on Youtube, etc. I won't be able to post photos and videos because I told myself that I was there to enjoy the moment, to sing, to get chills, and to feel the first and last Madonna concert here in Manila ever!

That night was something I would never ever forget even if I turn to a Lola Madonna myself. I can't contain the happiness that I felt watching her perform live and of course how grateful I was to my husband for allowing me to buy the ticket in a snap!


From Ms to Mrs: Changing My Maiden to Married Name

Believe it or not, we got married last 2014 but I haven't changed my maiden name until last month. There's something about my maiden name that I can't let go just yet. Aside from all the hassle of changing names in our documents, I was still trying to maximize my passport before it's expiry date.

I was supposed to get a DFA appointment online for December last year. However, all slots were filled until the second week of February 2016 for DFA Aseana branch. So I had no choice but to settle with February 18, 8 AM in the morning.

Of course, prior to this, I gathered all the necessary documents for my passport renewal and change of status. If you're not yet aware of the requirements, you can check it here. As for me, I brought the following:

  • My passport
  • Photocopy of the first page and the last page of my passport
  • The printed scheduled appointment with all the details
  • NSO copy of our Marriage Certificate and a photocopy
  • My birth certificate (just in case)
  • Husband's birth certificate (because of his surname, I brought this just in case they ask if he's a foreigner or a Filipino, which of course, is the latter)
  • Photocopies of my ID
For my 8 A.M. appointment, I was already at the DFA Aseana at 7:30. Here's a little note though: Don't fall for vendors outside selling long envelopes at Php 30 to 50 each, saying that you need that inside when passing the documents. Because YOU DON'T.

They were very organized and gate numbers are already posted for you to follow.

Step 1 (Time: 7:30 am): They will check your printed appointment schedule. After verifying, they will ask you to wait for your turn. While waiting, they will remind you to check all your documents and photocopy the passport, for those who were there for renewal.

Step 2 (Time: 7:45 am): All who are up for 8 A.M. appointment were asked to go and head to the second gate. This is where the paperwork happens. I submitted everything, from the printed schedule (with my details) to the photocopy of my marriage certificate. They will only get the original NSO copy and staple everything together. I also witnessed a couple of new passport applicants who were asked to go back again because they lack the supporting documents. They will also ask whether you would like to have it rushed or go through the normal processing time.

Step 3 (Time: 8:15 am): I went upstairs and immediately went to the line where you have to pay for the passport. I chose the express processing for Php 1200. The passport rates can be seen at this link: After paying, you will be asked to sit while following a line at the same time. From here, you will get your number one by one. You will have to wait until your number is called.

Step 4 (Time: 8:30): You can see your number at the screen and where you would proceed. Each counter has its respective number as well so you can immediately know where you will go. While there, I waited for 5 minutes before the man ahead of me completed his passport application. And when it's already my turn, it didn't took long as well before I'm done. 

I finished at exactly 8:45 A.M! I'm impressed how efficient their system is. They didn't asked me for other supporting documents (new ID with may married name, question about why my husband's surname sounds foreign, etc.). Aside from the Php 1200 fee for express processing, I also added Php 150 so they can just deliver it at our address. So from Feb 18 appointment, my passport was released last March 1 and delivered a day after. 

I'm not sure though if the processing time in other DFA branches is as flawless as what I experienced here in Aseana. And for my privacy's sake, allow me not to post my new passport at this blog post :) Not to mention that the shot isn't something I'm actually proud of. ^_^

So there, for those who would like to get a new one, renew their passport, or change their maiden name to married name, just make sure that you have all the necessary documents at hand. 

Now, I'm definitely ready to book flights for this year or the next again! Cebu Pac, Air Asia, I'm ready!!!!


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