Happy 5th Month Astrid!

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Because we consider Astrid as part of our family, we also thought of celebrating her birthdays as well. But until she isn't a year old yet, we still have to count her number of canine months instead.

Happy 5th month our bunso! It's been 2 months since you came home and you are indeed growing fast. You're already 23 kg! And the bigger you get, the more I realize that I have to be consistent in training you. So by the time that you're already big enough to take me down while licking my face, you will still be a well-disciplined pet.

At 5 months, she's already a 23-kg malamute

Having a dog isn't really as bad as what others say. Yes, you do have to spend time with them. But if you're a hands-on mom like me, you can easily include them as part of your routine especially if you have a dog like ours who just loves to sleep almost the whole day. Usually, Astrid wants to go out in the morning and afternoon. But during the rest of the day, she's just around the house, in front of her e-fan.

Another reason why I love having Astrid around is because I am more engaged to running and walking now unlike before. It's more fun and more interesting to get out there and sweat when you have a furry pal with you. Thanks for that too fur baby!

The kids can't seem to sleep without her at the room. Even if there are times that they play tug-of-war with her when she eats their socks, the kids simply feel incomplete without playing with their wonderful dog especially after school. Such a stress reliever for everyone in the family.

Again, happy 5th month Astrid! We're looking forward to celebrate more of your birthdays, more walks, more broken slippers and even puppies in the future. :)



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Sweet! I love dogs, too! I actually miss having a dog. Astrid is one beautiful dog. :)


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