From Ms to Mrs: Changing My Maiden to Married Name

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Believe it or not, we got married last 2014 but I haven't changed my maiden name until last month. There's something about my maiden name that I can't let go just yet. Aside from all the hassle of changing names in our documents, I was still trying to maximize my passport before it's expiry date.

I was supposed to get a DFA appointment online for December last year. However, all slots were filled until the second week of February 2016 for DFA Aseana branch. So I had no choice but to settle with February 18, 8 AM in the morning.

Of course, prior to this, I gathered all the necessary documents for my passport renewal and change of status. If you're not yet aware of the requirements, you can check it here. As for me, I brought the following:

  • My passport
  • Photocopy of the first page and the last page of my passport
  • The printed scheduled appointment with all the details
  • NSO copy of our Marriage Certificate and a photocopy
  • My birth certificate (just in case)
  • Husband's birth certificate (because of his surname, I brought this just in case they ask if he's a foreigner or a Filipino, which of course, is the latter)
  • Photocopies of my ID
For my 8 A.M. appointment, I was already at the DFA Aseana at 7:30. Here's a little note though: Don't fall for vendors outside selling long envelopes at Php 30 to 50 each, saying that you need that inside when passing the documents. Because YOU DON'T.

They were very organized and gate numbers are already posted for you to follow.

Step 1 (Time: 7:30 am): They will check your printed appointment schedule. After verifying, they will ask you to wait for your turn. While waiting, they will remind you to check all your documents and photocopy the passport, for those who were there for renewal.

Step 2 (Time: 7:45 am): All who are up for 8 A.M. appointment were asked to go and head to the second gate. This is where the paperwork happens. I submitted everything, from the printed schedule (with my details) to the photocopy of my marriage certificate. They will only get the original NSO copy and staple everything together. I also witnessed a couple of new passport applicants who were asked to go back again because they lack the supporting documents. They will also ask whether you would like to have it rushed or go through the normal processing time.

Step 3 (Time: 8:15 am): I went upstairs and immediately went to the line where you have to pay for the passport. I chose the express processing for Php 1200. The passport rates can be seen at this link: After paying, you will be asked to sit while following a line at the same time. From here, you will get your number one by one. You will have to wait until your number is called.

Step 4 (Time: 8:30): You can see your number at the screen and where you would proceed. Each counter has its respective number as well so you can immediately know where you will go. While there, I waited for 5 minutes before the man ahead of me completed his passport application. And when it's already my turn, it didn't took long as well before I'm done. 

I finished at exactly 8:45 A.M! I'm impressed how efficient their system is. They didn't asked me for other supporting documents (new ID with may married name, question about why my husband's surname sounds foreign, etc.). Aside from the Php 1200 fee for express processing, I also added Php 150 so they can just deliver it at our address. So from Feb 18 appointment, my passport was released last March 1 and delivered a day after. 

I'm not sure though if the processing time in other DFA branches is as flawless as what I experienced here in Aseana. And for my privacy's sake, allow me not to post my new passport at this blog post :) Not to mention that the shot isn't something I'm actually proud of. ^_^

So there, for those who would like to get a new one, renew their passport, or change their maiden name to married name, just make sure that you have all the necessary documents at hand. 

Now, I'm definitely ready to book flights for this year or the next again! Cebu Pac, Air Asia, I'm ready!!!!



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aby ♥
April 12, 2016 at 6:04 AM delete

It is a little hassle changing maiden names,haha i hope one day i would able to do it without stress hahah


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