Spending Quality Me-Time at the Madonna Rebel Tour in Manila

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During the 80's, I think most of the girls around that time wanted to be like the Material Girl. If not, they surely wanted to be so lucky like Kylie. Anyway, I was born in an era when Madonna was at the peak of her controversial career. I can even recall how I acted in front of this huge canon-like camera, imitating Madonna and her antics. So from there, you can imagine how much of a hardcore fan I am up until now.

It was last year when they started showing in Facebook that Madonna is going to have her concert here in Manila. Knowing this, I got so ecstatic since watching her perform live is one of my greatest dreams ever. I used to include that on my bucket list but knowing that it's a far-cry from reality, I just scratched it out instead.

Anyway, going back to the Rebel Tour, I was frustrated last year when I knew about the hefty ticket prices. As much as I wanted to swipe my card and get that 40k-worth of entertainment, I just can't. The general admission was also at a steep price of Php 3000 and that was too much for me that time. I have to set my budget priorities knowing that bills will pile up in time for the school enrollment.

Fast forward to Feb 24, 2016. This was the first day of their tour and my friend had the chance to watch it along with the other VIPs of that seat section. She can't help but rave and I can't help but feel so envious. Come Feb. 25, a member of N@wie (one of the FB groups I joined) posted that she have 3 available tickets for the general admission. She's selling it for the same price along with the card that you have to get from SM ticket counter. Now here's the chance that I can't let go. Probably enticed by my friend's experience, aside from being a huge Madonna fan, I took the liberty of reserving the ticket for me, sans my husband's approval. Good thing he said yes and by 6 PM, I met the ticket owner to get ready for the concert.

That Madonna Vibe

I was just in my plain old jeans, shirt, and sneakers when I felt that I'm freaking out of place! People were wearing net fish stockings, huge earrings, huge hairdo's and so on. It's like going back to the 80's era where people want to be like Madonna. Since I still have a huge amount of time left before the concert starts, I ran to the department store and bought a couple of things to get that Madonna vibe.

Special thanks to the ladies at SM Department store for my muk-ap

Since my face lacks that rebel feeling, I immediately hurried to the makeup section and ask for the salesladies to do a trial makeup on me. At first, they told me to purchase at least P300 worth of their products. But when I told them that I'm going to Madonna's concert, the ladies got so excited for me that they started putting the makeup on even if I haven't purchased anything yet.

After 30 minutes, I'm all ready to rampa and hit the Mall of Asia arean bearing that Madonna-vibe. It was a breeze falling in line, getting snacks, and looking for your seat number once you're inside.
Side kwento: mali ako ng seat na pinuntahan! I only knew about this the concert was about to start. Good thing the two gays who really bought the seats were very patient and pasalamat na din at hindi ako nagtaray. Coz if not, ako pa yung napahiya! lol

Still the QUEEN of Pop!

Walang kupas! Not just because she's my idol but definitely because at her age, she still has it! All of the titas and even titos of Manila started screaming as soon as the main event started. I can barely hear myself. While her first couple of acts were actually quite disturbing for some (including me), the whole concert was amazing in general. With the huge LED displays, bending poles (I wonder how light her dancers are), various effects, and more, the so-called "dead air" was non-existent. She take breaks by sitting and doing her comedic green acts. She can make the crowd scream and sing for her in a hearbeat. I don't know if the likes of Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and others can do just the same. But Madonna is still the goddess of music for me and everyone who were present during her concert.

OA man pakinggan if I tell you this, but I'm not ashamed to share. When she sang Crazy for You I actually cried! Well not to the extent that I have to squeeze out tears from my hanky. Just teary-eyed enough to make my voice shaky. I got goosebumps, I can't help but sing along. I felt like a kid who was overwhelmed by the presence of Barney or Sta. Clause. It was nirvana!

Most of the songs were in a different tune including Music. I was able to have a small talk with the girl (also a loner) beside me before the concert. So when this particular song started to play she said: Ay! Ayan! Mr. DJ na! Knowing that she's talking about Music and medyo naimbey ang lola nyo,  I told her: Teh! Hindi to show ni Sharon Cuneta! Music ang title nyan! Music! 

They closed the event by singing Holiday. This was the part that became controversial since they used the Philippine flag as one of their props. However, if they have seen the concert, they used it as part of a celebration just like how they altered the costumes of other nations to celebrate, well, holidays!

I went home without my voice. And I suffered this extreme paos for about a week. My kids can't understand what I was saying, but heck! It was totally worth it. I suffered from this Madonna hangover for several days, playing the video clips, her latest mashups on Youtube, etc. I won't be able to post photos and videos because I told myself that I was there to enjoy the moment, to sing, to get chills, and to feel the first and last Madonna concert here in Manila ever!

That night was something I would never ever forget even if I turn to a Lola Madonna myself. I can't contain the happiness that I felt watching her perform live and of course how grateful I was to my husband for allowing me to buy the ticket in a snap!



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Yes, I also belonged to Madonna's era!!! You are so lucky to have watched. Good we are in Zamboanga so we do not hear people raving!!! But thanks to your post, I am already amazed by the set-up!

April 10, 2016 at 8:21 PM delete

the experience was surreal :)

April 16, 2016 at 3:52 PM delete

wow! That stage though! It's always nice to have a me-time every once in a while, we all need that. hehe.


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