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My kids (and even me) always get excited every time they see the advertisement of Kidzania. They wish that they could go there and know how it feels like living in a city meant for "smaller adults", as they say, just like them. I was having second thoughts about going to Kidzania since my 4-year old still won't be able to access most of the places there because of her age. Luckily, part of my eldest's field trip itinerary was Kidzania. As a mom, I was very happy knowing that this is one place where she could enjoy.

Come field trip day, it didn't took us long before we reached the gates of Kidzania. We were the first ones in line and were very organized until the other schools came. I didn't even had the chance to take photos at the Cebu Pacific counter where they were given their Kidzania BPI cheque to help them get started once they're inside the city.

They were very strict with the time and opened the gates of Kidzania City at 9 AM sharp. Of course, with all the kids and parents all piled up, it was already expected that everybody will rush and run around places.

We started falling in line at BPI where they had to surrender their checks in exchange with their KidZos or the Kidzania currency. Since there were about 3 field trips during that day, it took us long before my child got her KidZos. We were told that we're allowed to stay at Kidzania for only 3 hours so we immediately looked for places where there were not much line and my Ate would love to experience at the same time.

She always love staying at hotels but more interested on how they prepare the buffet spread during breakfast. So when we saw that there were not much kids in line for the Holiday Suites, we immediately went there and wait. Most girls chose the hotel room section, where they would clean up the bedroom and bathroom. But my Ate opt for the F&B section instead along with the boys from another school.

Then afterwards, we headed to the training for flight stewardess and pilots. (Ang tawag dito, kinokondisyon!) This is where she really want to go and the part that she really wanted to experience. I wasn't able to get much glimpse on what she was doing there since parents are no longer allowed to go inside. But after a couple of minutes, she was ecstatic. (Side note: She was inspired to become a flight stewardess when I introduced her to Ninang Let around 3 or 4 years ago.)

She also experienced making Oreo cookies and going thru an acting workshop as well. We didn't had enough time to explore more of what Kidzania offers because we were only allowed there until 11:00 A.M.

We still had a couple of Kidzania money left so she opened an account at their BPI where she learned how to save money at the bank. That was actually the most awesome part of this trip. She told me that "So when I work, I also get to earn money then save. Am I right mom?"

It was a very tiring day but definitely worth it. In a few years time, she wouldn't want me to accompany her during field trips and would prefer to simply hangout with her friends. I'm glad that with places like Kidzania, kids like her were able to experience various career opportunities while us, parents, watch and show them how much we support our kids no matter which path they wanted to take.

I highly recommend Kidzania for both parents and kids. They would really enjoy doing various activities inside and you too will have fun watching them. I sure hope we can go back again when there are not much guests inside so we can maximize what this place has to offer.



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March 10, 2016 at 2:08 AM delete

My Elijah will be delighted to experience a city for "smaller adults" for sure. We just have to wait a little longer for that.

Neri Ann
March 10, 2016 at 2:34 AM delete

Hoping for the kids to experience this! Their age is not yet applicable so maybe soon.

March 11, 2016 at 5:09 AM delete

My kids went to Kidzania also last year for the first time. Just liek what you said, 4-year-olds have limited activities so it's best to bring kids who are 5 or older para sulit. ;) But they both of my boys enjoyed our visit. We were lucky to have plenty of time to tour the facilities. One ride that my boys missed because the lines were always long was the fire station. Next time, this is where they will line up first! haha


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